Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Irrigation sprinkler with water spraying out

VRI-iS (Individual Sprinkler)

Valley® VRI Individual Sprinkler control (VRI-iS) gives you the greatest level of control in center pivot water application. It gives you peace of mind knowing you're using valuable water resources wisely.

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Valley irrigation product with blue sky and clouds up in the sky

VRI Prescriptions

Adjust the application depth in specific sectors or management zones in your field.

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Valley brand Center Pivot in green field with a blue sky

VRI Zone Control

Available on both center pivots and linears, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control is ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields.

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Valley irrigation with sprayers irrigating the green field with blue sky overhead

VRI Speed Control

Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control is an option for growers who want basic VRI control and the benefits of applying water more efficiently.

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