Parts & Upgrades

Valley Genuine Parts

From gaskets to gearboxes and from booster pumps to smart panels, Valley Genuine Parts make all the difference to your operation.

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Sprinkler Upgrades

Give your center pivots or linears – and yields – a boost with an updated sprinkler package from Valley® Irrigation.

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Underground pipe repair parts Minnesota and Wisconsin


When you choose to re-pipe, you can extend the life of your machine. Your Valley®  dealer can help you determine if re-piping is the best solution for your pivot or linear.

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Electrical Conversion

Improve reliability and extend the life of your center pivot with a new tower box or control panel conversion from Valley®.

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Drive Train Conversion

Converting to a Valley Drive Train is one of the most economical ways to significantly improve reliability and extend the life of your center pivots.

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Oil Hydraulic Conversion

Convert your pivot to a reliable electric drive with Genuine Valley Parts, including: drive train, alignment, pivot controls and low-pressure sprinkler packages.

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