Residential Irrigation Winterization in Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

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System Design

Are you thinking about an Irrigation project? We are happy to help. Our Designer uses GPS and state of the art design software to create a professional proposal  with all the information you will need so you can make an informed decision.

Custom Designed Valley Agriculture Irrigation Design and Installation

Ag Pipeline Winterization

We utilize high volume compressors operating at low pressure, combined with a foam “pig” to remove a majority of the water from your underground pipeline.

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Agricultural System Maintenance in Hastings Minnesota

Center Pivot Fall Service

Fall is the best time to get your machine serviced and ready for spring. Our  maintenance program includes:

  • Grease pivot point
  • Inspect pivot point anchor bolts and re-tighten if necessary
  • Check pivot point flex boot and tighten clamps
  • Inspect tower drains
  • Tighten and inspect tower flex boots
  • Drain water in center drive gearboxes
  • Top off oil in gearboxes
  • Inspect gearbox diaphragm for damage
  • Re-torque tire-wheel bolts
  • Inflate the tires to the proper pressure
  • Drain the sand trap
  • Drain booster pump
  • Inspect for leaking or bad gearboxes, u joints, tires or other components

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Residential Irrigation Maintenance and Winterization

We have been winterizing residential irrigation systems since the year 2000. We use a combination of high volume and low pressure, and we cycle each zone several times to make sure a majority of the water is removed from your system. Our pricing is as follows:

  • Residential system: $70 up to 9 zones. $7 per zone after 9
  • Lake system: $140 up to 9 zones. $7 per zone after 9


Neighborhood Group Discounts

Customers must be in the same neighborhood to take advantage

  • Two houses: $60 per house
  • Three or more houses: $55 per house 

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Apple Irrigation Turf Irrigation Winterization Specialists

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