Variable Frequency Drives


Apple Irrigation is proud to offer Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), controls the speed of your pump. It is coupled to a pressure transducer which constantly monitors the pressure and the VFD automatically adjusts the speed of the pump to maintain that pressure. A VFD is an absolute must for corner systems, pumps with multiple systems connected to them or fields with large elevation changes.

We take pride in our VFD installs, we will make sure that it is installed properly and up to the latest electrical codes, and we will properly program the pump so that each pivot connected to it gets the proper amount of pressure needed, no more, no less. We will also program the VFD to slowly fill the pipeline upon startup, eliminating the need to use a manual valve to throttle the flow.


  • Constant pressure results in cost savings
  • Multiple pivots can be supplied by a single pump
  • Handles changes in field elevation
  • Uses only the horsepower needed


  • Easy conversion: Convert single-phase input power to three-phase output power to run your pump
  • Two Constant pressure control with well draw down control
  • Time-saving: Features pipe fill mode
  • Weather-proof: Outdoor-rated NEMA 3R enclosures to protect your drives even in harsh conditions

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