Precision Corner


Every acre of land is valuable, and the Valley Precision Corner®  has proven its worth time and time again on farmland across the country. Our Precision Corner turns difficult-to-irrigate corners into healthy crops, helping you earn more green by boosting your bottom line, no matter what you grow.


  • Bring your whole field into production.
  • Constant-move, variable frequency drive motors provide smooth operation and minimal stress on your structure.
  • Valley Corner DualDrive™ delivers excellent traction and increased flotation in difficult field conditions.
  • Electronic sprinkler sequencing offers the industry’s best uniformity and options to customize sequencing to specify field conditions.
  • Valley Terrain Compensation reduces over-steering and improves wheel track accuracy on rolling terrain or high ridges and is available for GPS-guided corners.


  • Options: Single-Frequency Valley GPS Guidance or Below-Ground Guidance
  • Pressure leveling: Water transfer connection and hose eliminates pressure-robbing 90 degree turns
  • Stability: Patented perpendicular base beam and wider wheelbase increases stability.
  • Accessible interface: Operator platform allows easy access to operator interface panel.
  • Easy recovery: Service/run rocker switch permits quick and easy recovery from a safety shutdown without a service call.
  • High performing: Angle sensor assures proper water application in corners.
  • Advanced: Patented Valley corner control panel.
  • Easy to read: Diagnostics displayed on LED screen.
  • Intuitive: Indicator lights display machine status, tension, and compression.
  • Patented chemigate/irrigate selection switch allows the use of a fixed-rate injection pump to apply crop chemicals and fertilizers uniformly
  • Uniform application: Patented, optional Water Utilization Package allows for maximum water application uniformity in selected applications.


Corner length options 81,4 - 87,5 meters
Span Connection Ball and Socket
Pipe diameter options 6-5/8”
Crop clearance profile options Low and Standard
Tire size options 11.2-24.5, 11-24, 11.2-38, 14.9-24, 16.9-24, 18.4-26, 18.4R26

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