Grain Trac


Grain Trac takes the worry out of grain storage and cuts back on the number of times you have to visit your bin sites by remotely monitoring grain temperature. Customized notifications alert you to grain bin “hot spots” before damage has been done.


  • Real-time grain temperature information, or access to historical reports
  • Identifies the start of hot spots before grain damage occurs
  • Helps make storage decisions
  • Saves time needed for driving, climbing and record keeping
  • Reads most temperature cables available, including Boone, Tri States Grain, and most versions of OPI
  • Saves energy costs and prevents loss of weight per bushel from over-aeration
  • Readings taken every 30 minutes (or sooner if requested)
  • Theft monitoring alerts
  • Optional weather sensors can monitor humidity, rainfall and wind
  • Fan control optional

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