We believe that no one manufacturer makes the best product in every category on the market. Thatís why our systems are comprised of components from several different manufacturers. We have chosen the products we use very carefully and feel they offer the best combination of ease of use, reliability and value.

  This controller has replaced the Toro Greenkeeper that we previously used.

  Unlike the Greenkeeper, this controller does not require an extra battery for memory, but saves the program internally for up to 3 years in case of a power loss. Also, with built in surge protection, there is no longer a need for a fuse.

  We started using this new rain sensor in the spring of 2002 and have been extremely pleased with its performance. This rain sensor is very easy to install and offers a lot of flexibility because itís wireless, it can be installed up to 300 feet away from the controller which allows us to place the sensor in a position that will receive good sun and rain. The operation of this sensor is very simple. There are several hydroscopic discs in the sensor which absorb moisture. When they absorb moisture, they expand and send a signal to a receiver mounted next to the irrigation controller. The receiver shuts off your system if itís raining or prevents it from running if it has rained. Once the sun comes out, the discs dry and shrink which allows the system to run again. There is a battery in the sensor which should last 5 years and there is a bypass button on the receiver which will allow you to bypass the operation of the sensor in case you still want to water your lawn if it has rained.

  For more information, please visit rainsensor.com.

  Every irrigation system connected to the household water supply requires a backflow prevention device by law. This device protects the domestic water supply in the event of a backflow or back pressure situation. Pressure Vacuum Breakers are prone to damage in the event of freezing weather. This can result in a costly repair if a frost occurs before your system is winterized in the fall or after it is turned on in the spring. Other models will split the entire brass body of the unit when exposed to freezing temperatures, requiring a replacement of the entire unit. The Febco is designed to break an inexpensive plastic bonnet which allows water to flow out of the top of the unit. This protects the brass body of the unit from cracking and results in a much less expensive repair in the event the backflow preventer is exposed to freezing temperatures when it is full of water.

  Every sprinkler system is divided up into zones, each of these zones is programmed to run, usually one right after the other, by the controller. Every zone must be controlled by a valve. These electric valves use low voltage AC current to turn on and off. The Irritrol 2400T is a valve that we are very happy with and has been very reliable for us over the years. Weíll keep our eyes open for something better, but until then, every system we install will include the 2400T.

  Sprinkler heads attach to the underground pipe through the use of a saddle or tee fitting. Unlike other saddles that cut a hole in the pipe, the Blazing Saddle stretches a hole around the spike. On polyethylene pipe, the pipe itself seals against the spike, sealing on the inside. This means that the higher the water pressure, the tighter the seal gets Ė and even if the saddle shifts in the ground, it continues to seal. The Blazing Saddle will not slip off for any reason and will hold a seal even in the worst conditions.

  Check out the Blazing Saddle site.

  The Irritrol CR500 is very comparable to other rotary heads on the market. We like these heads because they are more vandal-resistant, they pop up a little higher and they are very easy to adjust.