If you are even thinking about having an irrigation system installed on your property, there are some simple steps you can take during the building process to keep the cost of an irrigation system down.
  1. Have your builder rough in the line for a sprinkler system. Its usually less expensive to do when the home is built, rather than after the fact.
  2. Ask the builder to install at least a 3/4 water meter. This is usually no more expensive than the standard 5/8 meter that the city uses. The advantage is that it will be quieter and the water pressure loss through the meter will be slightly less, resulting in a little better sprinkler system performance.
  3. Place 2 PVC sleeves under the driveway and sidewalks and make sure they are at least 8-12 under the surface. Cap the ends off and place a penny in the wet concrete or asphalt to mark exactly where the pipes are. There is a good chance that these sleeves will not be needed to install an irrigation system but doing this now is much cheaper than tunneling under a driveway if needed. In addition, you may wish to utilize these sleeves to run other things such as low voltage lighting or an invisible fence.
  4. If your home will be using a well for its water supply, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU BEGIN CONSTRUCTION. We will review with you the size of the area that you need to irrigate and select the proper size well pump. In applications up to about 2 acres, you will need at least 15 GPM at 50 Psi to run the sprinkler system properly. In addition, its important to place at least (1) 1/4 pipe from the well to the house. Its also important to use a Variable Frequency drive well pump, such as the Grundfos SQE pump.
  These pumps provide a constant pressure to your home and really make an irrigation system perform at its best. Plus, they eliminate the need for a big, expensive pressure tank and usually only add about $400 to the cost of a well.

  If you already had your well drilled before contacting us dont worry. Chances are we can still make a system work with the addition of a booster pump or additional zones.

  Steps to install a sprinkler system in a new year:
  1. Call Apple Irrigation and have us out to discuss your needs and give you a bid. This is important to do early in the building process so we can prevent any potentially costly mistakes.
  2. Complete driveway, sidewalks and final grade.
  3. Mark out as close as possible where the landscape borders, deck and other non-lawn areas of your property will be. Please wait to install the landscape borders until AFTER the sprinkler system is installed. This will save time and effort during the install process. If you will be putting a fence in, please mare out where the fence will be placed.
  4. Sprinkler system installation.
  5. Landscape borders and edging.
  6. Fence or invisible fence installation.
  7. Sod or hydro seed.